December 10, 2003

Cuba Libre

Natalie writes, about Noam Chomsky:

....Stupid liar. There is little in this world more pathetic than the stupid lies of a clever man. He could with little cost to himself or his cause have said, "Fortunately, I was wrong in that prediction, but the US is still wrong to act as it does because..." Instead he dodges and weaves. It's like a drunk making a fool of himself in public. Blessed with great gifts in the field of language, he writes tortuous screeds full of lines like "Note first that it is not what I said, therefore a terrible source. But OK here because it is quite accurate."....
To me the really damning thing is that no one, Left or Right, considers it even remotely possible that Chomsky could adjust his ideas as new facts arise.

I have this fantasy, where Chomsky or one of his ilk is speaking in, say, Rochester MN, perhaps only a short distance from the world-famous Mayo Clinic. In the midst of his speech, the great man collapses on the stage!

He wakes up in an oxygen tent, in an oddly shaped room. A nurse bends over him and explains that he is on an airplane. "Mr Chomsky, you've suffered a massive heart attack, and I have to tell you you are in critical condition. But the good news is that your followers have contributed to get you the best medical care in the world. We'll be landing in Havana in a few minutes....

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