November 29, 2003

Paying off a large debt...and making an investment

Bill Whittle gets it precisely right:

....Those men and women who are being killed weekly in Iraq are hard deaths for us to accept. On the surface it looks like a long, painful grind without any victory or consolation.

But something much, much deeper is going on here, and it is this: we are paying off the red ink we have accrued by cutting and running when it was the easy way out. We are paying off a brutal and unforgiving debt that we have incurred by our lack of resolve in decades past. Lincoln once wrote that the only thing worse than paying off a large debt was being forced to pay off a larger one; exactly so.

But remember this, America: Those men and women of ours who are paying with their lives are not just paying down a debt. They are making an investment, too.

Because if we show that we have the will and the resolve to finish the job we started there, then we will succeed, and by succeeding we will immeasurably strengthen our security in the decades to come.....

We cut and ran over and over again, starting with Vietnam. And anyone who argued against this was considered heartless and cold and callous of lives. But the oh-so superior, oh-so humanitarian bleeding-hearts who were disgusted by the idea of fighting for American ideals, were, in truth, murderers. And now we are paying the blood-price for their foolishness.

Posted by John Weidner at November 29, 2003 2:46 PM
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