November 28, 2003

#136: Lie

P. Krugman

In his column The Good News (11/28/03) Paul Krugman makes the following claim about the structure of the President�s Council of Economic Advisors (CEA)

�What's particularly striking is the contempt this administration has for the rules. I was on the staff of the Council of Economic Advisers during the Reagan administration (those were nonpolitical jobs back then); one thing I remember was that if the experts said a proposed trade restriction violated international trade law, that was that. By contrast, just about every protectionist step taken by the Bush administration has been clearly in violation. And if the major economic powers stop honoring the rules that preserve open global markets, the chances of future development in poor nations will be much reduced.�
This is a complete lie! The only political appointments to the CEA are the Chairman and the two principal members of the Council. All positions on the staff, where Krugman served, are non-political as they have ALWAYS been. Next he�ll be claiming the job market statistics from the Labor Department are politicized (when they don�t go his way, of course).

[The Truth Squad is a group of economists who have long marveled at the writings of Paul Krugman. The Squad Reports are synopses of their discussions. ]

Posted by John Weidner at November 28, 2003 1:52 PM
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