November 22, 2003

Our Arab can beat your Arab...

Take a look at this good artcle in the Atlantic on General Abazaid:

....he had an understanding that the new graduates [of West Point, where Abazaid was Commandant] had to be more than just guys who could shoot rifles and maneuver. You were going to find a young lieutenant by himself as the mayor of a small town."

That is just what is now happening across Iraq. The problem, of course, is that General Abizaid cannot command a 130,000-strong army of occupation the way he led the cadets at West Point or his airborne brigade in war games at Fort Polk�by leaving his staff behind in order to be hands-on at the front. The irony of being a four-star general is that all your tremendous power must be wielded through others. Abizaid has spent three decades building the experience and the education that now underlie his plans for running Central Command, but he can be only as effective as the soldiers working for him on the ground. It is the young captains and lieutenants in their twenties�the generation brought up in the new military that Abizaid helped to create�whose day-to-day decisions will pacify, or provoke, the people of Iraq..

(via Brothers Judd)

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