November 15, 2003

Don't stir up the peasants...

Glenn just linked to the letter from an American officer in Afghanistan. The picture of our soldiers lined up along a road in the rain, saluting as the funeral of three Romanian soldiers passed by was something I found very moving. And he writes:

..."I would like to make one more observation if I may. Since I have been in Afghanistan, I would say that, on average, I know of about one U.S. or coalition soldier getting killed every week. However, I see almost no news reports on these deaths - and my wife at home does not either. My point is that per capita (with 10 - 15k soldiers in country), we are taking as many, or more hits than Iraq, yet no press coverage. Given this fact, it seems to me that the mainstream media are controlling public opinion by which information they cover. The liberals have a difficult time saying they are against the war in Afghanistan, but can oppose Iraq because the decision to attack wasn't as clearly obvious - thus only report the bad stuff in Iraq - at least this is my take....
That's exactly what's happening. They don't want to talk about Afghanistan for precisely the same reason that they don't want to talk about or remind us of this:


Posted by John Weidner at November 15, 2003 12:30 PM
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