November 6, 2003

"We took a vow that we would not speak badly..."

It's an ancient American tradition that an ex-President does not criticize or undercut the President. For example, Eisenhower publicly supported Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs debacle (though privately he gave him hell for it.)

That's the sort of behavior that you needn't look for from Bill Clinton. (Or his Administration. The thought of a former Secretary of State going to a foreign country and basking in applause after savaging our country's leaders makes me want to puke.)

So I found this interview with Barbara Bush very pleasing:

HANNITY: [Radio host Sean Hannity] I've watched your husband from a distance and I'm sure during those eight years while the Clintons were in office that there were times he was very tempted to come out and say something. But he pretty much remained quiet.

MRS. BUSH: And he should have.

HANNITY; Well, and even your son. The worst that he ever said about the Clintons was "We're going to restore honor and dignity to the White House." But yet Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton are out there almost daily as monitors of almost every single decision that your son is making.

MRS. BUSH: Well.

HANNITY: What do you make of that?

MRS. BUSH: I can't say. We took a vow that we would not speak badly. But that's just - that's just too bad. And it's, well ...

I would praise this, but it would be impertinent to do so. One expects Christian gentlemen and gentlewomen to act properly.

Posted by John Weidner at November 6, 2003 9:10 PM
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