November 4, 2003

Trailways buses�wave of the future??

John Podhoretz writes on how the media filters the war...(via Betsy Newmark)

THE president earned new scorn from his liberal critics when he told a reporter a few weeks ago that there is a "filter" between him and the American people when it comes to news about Iraq....

....The problem isn't that the American people are hearing bad news. The problem is the way the bad news is delivered to them. It's delivered through the very "filter" Bush mentioned - a fine web of attitudes and myopic perceptions about war, peace, the Bush administration and the American people.

You might think that an attack that killed 15 Americans and wounded hundreds more might inspire even the merest hint of anger on the part of those Americans whose job it is to write about it. Their articles might offer some perspective on how those seeking to kill Americans in Iraq are working for the restoration of one of the most barbaric regimes in world history. They'd ask the key question raised by such an attack: What is to be done to smoke out these barbarians?

But that's not the central focus of the news coverage. Instead, the question that obsesses the media filters is: How much is this going to hurt George W. Bush?.....

IDIOTS! PIECRUSTS! People in the press use the airlines all the time. A jumbo jet is just as vulnerable to those missiles as a helicopter is! That's the story!

Here in San Francisco a terrorist could sit on San Bruno Mountain and shoot at a 747 as easy as kiss-my-hand. Or from a row-boat---the runways project out into the Bay. And there's really no defense.

No defense except one...killing terrorists and pressuring or destroying terror-supporting nations. That's what we are DOING in Iraq. That's what it's all about.

And if they do start shooting down planes here, the press will wring its little hands and moan, "Why didn't we foresee this? Why didn't somebody DO something?"

Well, there are people who have foreseen this possibility. In fact they've been hectoring us on the need to do something for a couple of decades now. They are commonly known as "NeoCons." They are very influential in this Administration because they were right, and the appeasers were desperately wrong. And the appeasers are still living in their fool's-paradise.

Here's my suggestion to the ankle-biters who are doing all they can to hinder the War on Terror. Take Amtrak. Or Greyhound. Get yourselves used to it, because that could be the future you're helping to create.

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