November 1, 2003

Bush lied ...

Bill Hobbs notes that

"...There are 1.6 million more Americans working today than at the end of the Clinton administration...."
So are the Dems lying when they complain about high unemployment, and about all the jobs lost?

Not at all. It's true. We have lost millions of jobs. It's just that we have created 1.6 million more jobs than we've lost. That's just a teensy little bit of context that would only confuse you if you if they mentioned it. (As would the fact that the economy has been growing for the last 2 years...See Hobbs for nice graphs.)

And unemployment has gone up. That's because the workforce has grown faster than the number of jobs.

Of course when they say that we are in the "worst economy since Herbert Hoover," they are telling a barefaced lie. Hmmm. The Bush Administration is not drawing any attention to these jobs that have been created. Could it be that they are giving the Democrats lots of rope, letting them commit themselves to the false story of a stagnant economy? Just so the contrast will be all the more noticeable as the economy continues to improve? Well. Encouraging people to tell lies is very sneaky. Even deceptious. You could possibly call it a form of lying! There you have it folks: Bush lied!

Posted by John Weidner at November 1, 2003 9:03 AM
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