October 22, 2003

I suspect the whole idea of "common sense" is repugnant to Leftists.

From today's Best of the Web:

Zero-Tolerance Watch
Thirteen-year-old Christina Lough, a straight-A student at Garland McMeans Junior High in Katy, Texas, was ordered to attend a "special disciplinary class" for seven days and stripped of her posts as president of the student council and the honor society. Her crime: bringing a pencil sharpener to school.

Christian's mother, Sumi Lough, had brought the sharpener, a two-inch blade that folds into a small handle, from her native South Korea. "District officials said they had no choice but to follow their zero-tolerance policy to the letter," reports the Houston Chronicle, quoting school district lawyer Christopher Gilbert: "If we vary from the rules, that's when the rules fall apart."

NO! The rules do not fall apart if common-sense exceptions are made. What might fall apart is the Leftizoid belief that ordinary people are cattle who must be controlled by wise bureaucrats. The sort of belief held by people who say "the voters are morons"

Posted by John Weidner at October 22, 2003 3:50 PM
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