October 15, 2003

Somebody getting nervous?

In some ways Los Angeles is the center of the world. Ways having to do with movies and television. If something's a big deal in LA, the whole world tends to hear about it.

You may remember a few years back, when Los Angeles had some really bad rainstorms and flooding? Several people were killed, and it was much on the news. A friend of mine, an engineer, lives in the LA area. He was sent on an assignment to Guam. Now Guam is a place where they routinely have rainstorms with 100mph winds. But what does everyone say when he gets to Guam? "Hey, we hear you're having terrible storms in LA!"

His next stop was Moscow. There the weather was below zero, and he had people working outdoors in a snowstorm. And what did the Muscovites say to him? "We heard about those awful storms you're having in LA."

SO, if you went right now to visit a primitive tribe in remotest New Guinea, what do you think they would know about the outside world? "Hey, we hear Arnold's the new Governor!"

Before you snort with derision, just think about it. Think about the parable that people all over the world are hearing. "The people of California weren't happy with their leader, so they tossed him out. And they didn't replace him with another stuffed-shirt. They picked somebody so different that ruling elites all over the world are united in their scorn and grief."

Now that's a parable. A message expressed as a simple story that the muddiest peasant in the remotest Taro-patch can understand.

If it had happened in Ohio, the world would hardly have noticed. But everyone knows about California. Everyone's seen car-chases on the LA freeways...

Is it really so surprising that the LA Times went berserk trying to stop Arnold? (Read this story for the lunatic details. 24 reporters were assigned to dig up dirt on Arnold!)

Posted by John Weidner at October 15, 2003 8:06 AM
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