October 11, 2003

"Party of the people"

Thomas Sowell writes on how the three counties that gave Gray Davis a majority are among the wealthiest...

....There is a certain irony here, since the Democrats like to portray themselves as the party of the working people, with special solicitude for "the children" and for minorities. But working people, families with children and blacks are precisely the kinds of people who have been forced out of these three affluent and politically correct counties.

All three of these ultra-liberal counties have been losing black population since the previous census. Kindergartens in San Mateo County are shutting down for lack of children. The number of children in San Francisco has also gone down since the last census, even though the population of the city as a whole has gone up.

Out in the valleys to which those who are not as affluent have been forced to flee, in order to find something resembling affordable housing, the vote was just as solidly against Davis as it was for him among those further up the income scale. Out where ordinary people live, the vote against Governor Davis was 64 percent in Merced County, 72 percent in Tulare County and 75 percent in Lassen County

The time is long overdue to get rid of the outdated notion that liberal Democrats represent ordinary people....

What you get when you join the Democrats is the precious knowledge that, since you are of the party that's "helping' the ordinary people (pathetic victimized morons that they are,) you are ipso facto not yourself one of the ordinary people.

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