October 6, 2003

Splendid idea...

Bill Hobbs says:

...I think Gaffney's absolutely right. A Bush visit to Baghdad would instantly demolish the "quagmire" theme still echoing in the media and instantly reassure the American people that things in Iraq are going well. I'll just add to Gaffney's suggestion this: that Bush should invite the leading Democratic candidates for president - Dean, Clark, Gephardt, Kerry and Edwards [And Lieberman too? - ed. Yes.] - to tag along, and tell the American people he's inviting them along because the future of Iraq and the War on Terror are so vital that he must put partisan politics aside and bring along the top contenders for his job, in case they win and it falls to them to continue the War on Terror....
Too too too utterly delicious. If the Dems turn down the invitation, they make it obvious they don't want to engage the number one issue.

And if they do go along ...Imagine them squirming with embarrassment at the crowds waving American flags and shouting USA! USA! and knowing that Democrat Primary voters won't want to see them smiling or hugging the children. After you, Alphonse. No no Gaston, I insist�you first...

Imagine the visits to mass graves and prisons and torture chambers..."Tell us again, Mr Kerry, how you only voted for the war because you thought it was a bluff" "Mr Dean, shake hands with Muammar. He can't talk; something wrong with his tongue. But I'm SURE he's all ears to hear that we should have left Saddam in power."

"Next stop, a school that just reopened after US forces removed the munitions stored there. Those kids sure look eager to learn don't they? They don't have much in the way of paper and books yet, but we're working on it. Of course some Senators think we should keep our money at home to solve IMPORTANT problems, instead of wasting it on foreigners..."


* UPDATE: I ran into this picture at DefendAmerica's Sept.'03 Photo Archive. It was too sweet to resist.

Iraqi schoolgirls with new slates

The caption reads: Iraqi schoolgirls show off their new chalkboards donated by friends and family of U.S. Navy Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Four. Navy Seabee units have been participating in extensive reconstruction of schools, hospitals and bridges throughout Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. U.S. Navy photo by Lt. Brandon Harding

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