October 4, 2003

Who benefits?

Donald Sensing asks some good questions about the Plame Game. Here's one:

....And most importantly, if Plame�s identification as a covert agent was damaging to American interests - an identification that was not made in Novak�s article or anywhere else - then why would her husband, Joe Wilson, absolutely guarantee damage to American interests by turning a casual mention of her name, almost unnoticed by the public, into a full-blown political scandal dominating the front pages and broadcasts for days on end?

In other words, if Valerie Plame�s name and CIA affiliation are so sensitive, then no one has done more to damage with linking them than her own husband. Why?

Wilson's actions don't make sense if Plame really was covert and her work and contacts needed to be protected. But if she was not covert then no overseas harm is done. But what might Wilson and Plame get out of all this? Wilson has reportedly already told an interviewer that he and his wife have discussed who will play her in the movie.

Did you know that Erin Brockovich is still earning big bucks from lecture fees?

Posted by John Weidner at October 4, 2003 9:26 AM
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