October 3, 2003

Janet Jones, CIA ...

There is sure a lot that's still murky in L'Affaire Plame. As was pointed out here, if Plame were really doing any sort of undercover work, she wouldn't have been using her own name. She would do it as "Janet Jones" or some such. And therefore the knowledge that someone named Plame was CIA wouldn't in itself endanger her or any undercover agents. (And presumably anyone outing Plame would not have been intending to endanger any secret operations...)

And the way Wilson has accused Karl Rove of being the leaker, without any apparent evidence. I've been reading about Rove recently, and that sounds like purest Democrat wish-fulfillment fantasy. Rove is the ultimate sure-shot. Very disciplined. This messy squabbling isn't his style.

Now if Plame were running for sheriff, and was about to defeat a Republican, and somebody leaked embarrassing news a week before the election, and she LOST........Rove. That would be pure Rove. Dead for a Ducat.

Posted by John Weidner at October 3, 2003 8:30 PM
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