October 3, 2003

Aid and comfort to ...?

There's a good article in today's OpinionJournal

If there's a silver lining to the controversy surrounding the Valerie Plame "outing," it's that an increasingly poisonous dispute over counterterrorism policy has been outed along with her. We're talking about the disagreement between the Bush Administration and many of the career intelligence officials at the State Department and the CIA....

.... Reasonable people can disagree on these issues. But while President Bush and his Administration argue the case for their policy in speech after speech and interview after interview, part of the intelligence community pursues its cause largely through media leaks and what can only be called insubordination.

"Intelligence sources" are routinely quoted questioning Administration claims and complaining of "political interference." In yesterday's New York Times, those "sources" admitted to reporter James Risen (their go-to guy) that Joseph Wilson had been chosen for the Niger mission precisely because the CIA did not take Vice President Dick Cheney's interest in pursuing the yellowcake story seriously....

In fact, they are admitting that the CIA sabotaged intelligence gathering to hurt the Administration. Sabotaged it by assigning a virulently partisan Democrat to find evidence that would be helpful to a Republican President. That's SICK. REMEMBER THIS when ranting dogs tell you that "Bush lied" about Uranium from Africa.

Ah yes, those elite seasoned career professionals of the CIA and the State Dept. SO much wiser than the rabble. OF COURSE it's their duty to undercut the policies of mere elected officials. Elections are fine for show, but mustn't interfere with policy. Especially not if they elect tacky Republicans from the sticks.

Posted by John Weidner at October 3, 2003 6:40 PM
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