September 17, 2003

"All stars, no battles"

I can't imagine why people are wasting so much hot air on Wesley Clark. So he's a retired general. Big deal. (Americans are not impressed by generals�we know that lots of them are pompous blowhards. We tend to see things from the grunt's perspective.) If he's a Democrat, his message is going to be appeasement and inaction, and his chances of election will be effectively zero. Like all Dem leaders he will present no vigorous and compelling and optimistic plan for fighting terrorism...(or for doing anything else.) "Mah plan, Ladies and Gentlemen, is to heap scorn and derision on the plans of mah opponent." Phooey.

Even if Bush were doing as badly as those chihuahuas claim, he'll still be re-elected. Because the American people feel about him like Like Lincoln felt about Grant. To Army officers and civilians who revived stories of Grant's drinking, Lincoln simply responded, "I need this man. He fights."

I often disagree with Bush's policies. But these are trifles compared to the fact that there are crazies out there who are hoping to kill Americans�kill us by the millions if they can get the right weapons. I don't want my children to grow up in such a world. I don't consider it something we should "live with" or " adjust to" or "understand." And the bulk of the American people feel the same. So the only kind of leader we need is the kind that will smoke the rats out of their holes and kill them. And not grow weary even if the hunt lasts for decades.

Until the Democrats can come up with some "Grants," they will remain a fringe group gnawing at their hatreds far from the center of power.

* Update: Of course the things Clark is saying now that he has heartfelt Democrat convictions are teensy bit different than what he was saying before he had heartfelt Democrat convictions...

...On the question of Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction, Clark seemed remarkably confident of their existence. Clark told CNN's Miles O'Brien that Saddam Hussein "does have weapons of mass destruction." When O'Brien asked, "And you could say that categorically?" Clark was resolute: "Absolutely" (1/18/03). When CNN's Zahn (4/2/03) asked if he had any doubts about finding the weapons, Clark responded: "I think they will be found. There's so much intelligence on this."

After the fall of Baghdad, any remaining qualms Clark had about the wisdom of the war seemed to evaporate. "Liberation is at hand. Liberation-- the powerful balm that justifies painful sacrifice, erases lingering doubt and reinforces bold actions," Clark wrote in a London Times column (4/10/03). "Already the scent of victory is in the air." Though he had been critical of Pentagon tactics, Clark was exuberant about the results of "a lean plan, using only about a third of the ground combat power of the Gulf War. If the alternative to attacking in March with the equivalent of four divisions was to wait until late April to attack with five, they certainly made the right call."... (link)

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