September 13, 2003

A splendid Saturday ...

building fence

Another hot day, but pleasingly dry and balmy. Really sweet, a day to remember when it's cold and wet. I did some work on a long-term project (about 2 years now) building a retaining wall and fence. There are few things as satisfying as building things with Redwood. It's soft and easily shaped, yet amazingly durable and resistant to rot. The smell and texture bring back childhood memories, when I would help in our family business. Even the frequent splinters are like old friends. We built our greenhouses and the benches inside them from Redwood. Truckloads of it. And painted them with copper-green wood preservative that came in 55 gal. drums--A smell I love, though you would probably find it obnoxious.

Those roses of Charlene's drew lots of blood The white one you see is Eglantine Iceberg (these details are important around here.) but there's something very satisfying about being showered with rose petals while you work...

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