September 12, 2003

#121: Unraveling

P. Krugman

Anyone thinking about buying Paul Krugman's new book "The Great Unraveling" can get a quick summary by reading his column today entitled Exploiting the Atrocity (09/12/03). And if you are wondering how an entire book can be summarized in just 900 words, you have missed the genius of Krugman. He has been recycling the same 900 words of partisan rage since his career as a New York Times columnist began in 2000. If he can recycle and get 40 or 50 columns a year on the cheap, why not just hit the cut and paste tabs and get a whole book on the cheap? W.W. Norton and Company, his publisher, is brazen enough to admit that is about all there is too it.

We also note that the basic thrust of today's column is very similar to the consensus coming from the Democratic presidential candidates' debates. And that is where the real unraveling is taking place�in the Democratic Party. Krugman claims that President Bush's poll ratings are lower than before 9/11. In fact, comprehensive polling shows clearly that the American public has bought into the war on terror including the Iraqi war and the post war rebuilding. Moral equivalence in an age of terrorism doesn't cut it and the Democrats, especially in the Krugman/Streisand wing of the party, apparently haven't figured that out. Howard Dean's attempt to elevate Hamas terrorists to the status of "soldiers" is just the latest example. The Democrats have crammed so many "equally-deserving" victim and whacko groups under their big tent that sensible people are leaving to become Independents or Republicans. There is not an electable candidate in the field.

That may be why Hillary is reconsidering running in 2004. She's afraid if she waits until 2008 there may not be a party left after the voters have so thoroughly rejected Krugmanism.

[The Truth Squad is a group of economists who have long marveled at the writings of Paul Krugman. The Squad Reports are synopses of their discussions. ]

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