September 9, 2003

Such quagamires those Bushies get us into...things were better under Clinton

From a statement to the Armed Services Committee, by Paul Wolfowitz:

...Lieutenant General Ric Sanchez, the outstanding new commander of Combined Joint Task Force 7 and a veteran of Kosovo, told me that things are happening in Iraq after three months that hadn’t happened after 12 months in Kosovo. I asked him to elaborate, and off the top of his head, he jotted down a list of 10 things. Included on the General’s list of developments are these:

  • The judicial system is functioning at a rudimentary level. Investigative judges are working and misdemeanor trials are ongoing with convictions.
  • The political infrastructure is functioning. Neighborhood, district and city councils have been stood up. Over 90% of major cities have city councils and there is a National Level Interim Governing Council.
  • The police force is at more than 50% of the requirement. Police are conducting joint and unilateral effective operations.
  • Schools were immediately stood back up. At all levels the school year was salvaged.
  • The medical system is operating.
  • Local economies are bustling, including oil, agriculture and small business.
  • Public Services—electrical, water, sewage—are nearly up to pre war levels.
  • Recruiting and training for new Iraq security forces is underway – and, as already noted, we have gone from zero to 55,000 in just four months...

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