September 9, 2003

# 120: Jaw Droppers...

P. Krugman

In Other People's Sacrifices (09/09/03) Paul Krugman endorsed Howard Dean for President.

Of course we're just kidding. But this column is right out of the Dean playbook. The good news is that while Dean may well ride the anti-war movement to the Democratic nomination, he will end up carrying only New York, Massachusetts, California and maybe three or four other states in the general election. Expect the collateral damage in the House, Senate and Governorships to be very high.

Today's column has a couple of jaw-droppers. The first:

It gives me no pleasure to say this, but I (like many others) told you so. Back in February I asked, "Is this administration ready for the long, difficult, quite possibly bloody business of rebuilding Iraq?" The example of Afghanistan (where warlords rule most of the country, and the Taliban � remember those guys? � is resurgent) led me to doubt it. And I was, alas, right.
What on earth is he talking about? If Bush's speech to the nation was anything it was an expression of iron-willed determination to see the war on terror through to the end. Furthermore, the American people have bought into Bush's strategic vision of the Middle East as a rancid swamp, of our security as depending on draining the swamp and of a free and prosperous Iraq as a lynch pin in the draining process. He's taking it to 'em and if he pulls it off, the political and economic price tags will seem like bargains in terms of enhanced world security.

The second:

So will Congress give Mr. Bush the money he wants, no questions asked? It probably will, but it shouldn't. Mr. Bush created this crisis, and if he were a true patriot he would pay a political price to resolve it. Maybe it's time for him to do a couple of things he's never done before, like admitting mistakes and standing up to the hard right.
��This must be some kind of a Krugman fantasy. Bush fesses up that PK was right all along on the economy and the war and then commits hari-kari as an act of atonement. Puhleeze! Nevertheless, despite his dreaming, we think Krugman is slowly "getting it" with regard to his likely journalistic role over the next 5 years. Sideline sniveler.

We wonder if he has the Bush fortitude to see that through.

[The Truth Squad is a group of economists who have long marveled at the writings of Paul Krugman. The Squad Reports are synopses of their discussions.]

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