September 6, 2003

some hardball from the good guys, for a change...

(From the editors of OpinionJournal)...And if Mary Landrieu and Co. think the Times-Picayune ad played hardball, they ought to take a look at a new TV spot that ran Thursday during "Good Morning America." The spot features Virginia Walden-Ford, an African-American mother who heads both D.C. Parents for School Choice and the Washington chapter of the Black Alliance for Educational Options.

After images of a burning cross, Bull Connor and headlines about D.C.'s failing public schools, Mrs. Walden-Ford appears with a group of black children. There she asks Teddy Kennedy how he can turn his back on Bobby and Jack Kennedy's civil-rights legacy with a filibuster that would deny these kids a shot at a decent education. This is playing rough, but then it is also in response to voucher opponents who claim dishonestly that supporters want to "destroy the public schools."

Democrats have all but owned black voters for decades, largely on the basis of their 1960s civil-rights legacy. But the premier civil-rights battle of our day isn't voting rights or where one can sit on a public bus. It is the scandal of inner-city public schools and the support for them by politicians and union leaders who wouldn't dare let their own kids near them.

Perhaps that message is finally breaking through, which would help explain why Mrs. Landrieu ended up voting "present" in committee. As the bill to liberate D.C. children heads for its Senate showdown, opponents need to start asking themselves if this is the side of history they really want to be on.

Did you know the infamous Bull Connor was on the Democratic National Committee?

Posted by John Weidner at September 6, 2003 1:38 PM
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