September 5, 2003

Blue Suede Shoes ...

Natalie Solent has translated part of a Le Monde article on Asaf Bimro, an Ethiopian Jew who migrated, through great peril, to Israel and became a champion marathon runner. Do read it.

And among other good things she's written lately, this sentence, from a post about her blue suede shoes:

On the way down from falling over a cat the other day I wondered to myself if dying this way was sillier or less silly than my previous record Silliest Way to Get Killed or Nearly So...

If I ever write a novel it will be pleasant to have someone fall over a cat, and then fill a chapter or two with their meditations on the way down. (My novel will probably not be popular with the swineing masses, but to the discerning few it will surely be what Lawrence Durrell called "a suck-eggs d'estime.") I adore the parts in books by Michael Innes, where a character like Inspector Appleby will walk across, say, an Oxford college quad, pondering the intricacies of a case, and it takes twelve pages to get to the other side. And by the way, if you are writing to please me, don't start your book by laying out all the characters and their importance in the first few pages. Borrring... let me figure them out gradually on my own.

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