August 30, 2003

This is priceless...

Almost a year ago, Nathan Newman wrote this column: California: Where Democrats Can Be Democrats (In something called the Progressive Populist, a delicious irony since it was the Progressives who put the recall law on California's books)

...My contrarian view is that Democrats are more liberal than they were a generation ago.� There are just fewer of them.� So policy has moved to the right in many areas.�

To prove that point, the best place to look is California where Dems took control of all three branches of government in 1998 and do not face filibusters, except on budget and tax issues where the GOP maintains a veto due to post-Prop 13 rules. (Ironically, at the federal level, the budget is the one place protected from filibusters, the reason Clinton could pass his progressive 1993 tax bill and Bush could push through his regressive 2001 tax plan.)

So what�s been the result in California?� An overflow of groundbreaking legislation on behalf of unions, the environment, abortion rights, gay rights, consumers and renters...

...But those high-profile bills are only the tip of the iceberg. The last few years have seen a torrent of legislation that in its sheer volume shows the issues that could be addressed if the veto by the GOP could be removed from national legislation.

On education, the state has increased spending on the public schools by $9.1 billion, a 39% increase in three years while they have tightened supervision of charter schools to assure local oversight.

On consumer rights, the state has doubled to 60 days the time landlords must give tenants before displacing them. And with corporations seeking to replace court-enforced rights with private �arbitration� courts, California Dems pushed through rules that prohibit firms from the current practice of charging consumers for the costs of a winning company�s fees and barred arbitrators from handling cases involving companies with which they have any financial interests.

On health care, the state has passed some of the toughest HMO reforms in the nation, passing 21 bills giving Californians new health care rights, including: ...

There's lots more; a torrent of catastrophes and good reasons why the quasi-socialist "Progressive" Democratic Party shouldn't be in control of anything.

(thanks to The Minuteman)

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