August 29, 2003

Let them get on with it...

Remember when the Bush Administration gave initial reconstruction contracts to companies like Fluor and Bechtel and Haliburton, without any red-tape and competitive bidding?, And remember how various people were clucking and fussing like old grandmas about such shocking Republican goings-on? THIS IS PART OF WHY THEY DID IT!

...Compounding the impact of the US� military overstretch on security has been the State Department�s crippling bureaucratic mindset. Rather than recognising the exceptional nature of the Iraqi situation, officials have insisted at every point in applying the full rigour of US health and safety requirements, licensing procedures and other sundry impediments to progress. Take the mobile phone network. The sensible solution would have been to pick the most able and cost-effective operator and let them get on with it. But instead, the decision was taken to go through a full competitive tendering process, which takes an inordinate amount of time. One day, however, people suddenly found their mobiles working; a network had decided, to immense acclaim, to ignore the process and, indeed, get on with it. They were swiftly shut down, encapsulating just why things have been moving so slowly in Iraq: beauraucracy ahead of common sense...
From a good article by Stephen Pollard. Via Natalie Solent writing in Samizdata. Her comparison to Count Peter Stolypin is most interesting.

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