August 27, 2003

The candidate's beach house...

Dean provides a link to the 9-11 Television Archive.

He also linked to this particularly strange and charmng dream:

...My assistant drove me to the candidate's rental house, which turned out to be a rickety, two story building of bleached driftwood out by the beach. I mean, right out by the beach...the incoming tide lapped at my feet as I circled the place in rank disbelief. "This place is crap!" I screamed at my poor assistant, a Jamaican guy named Conroy (who leaked into my brain from the Rocket Power cartoon). "You can't put presidential candidates in a fucking beach shack!"

I looked at the back of the house. On the first floor there was a door, with a set of stairs outside the place that led up to another door. Outside the downstairs opening hung a shingle that said "Laurence Simon"...and up the stairs, I could see another shingle, inscribed with the name Dean Esmay.

"Conroy! You fool! These guys can't be this close to each other! They'll KILL each other!" I was upset, disturbed, in a tizzy...and then I woke up...

Posted by John Weidner at August 27, 2003 6:30 PM
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