August 26, 2003

Have a seat next to the elephant I mean sofa ...

(there's nothing new here, I just felt like expressing my feelings. Nothing beats a blog for that.)

It is being reported that large numbers of Islamic terrorist wackos are heading for Iraq. Why? Because they GET IT!

They understand that they've been outmaneuvered and this could be their last chance. If we can go into the worst cesspool of twisted Arab craziness and establish an even moderately free and prosperous country, their long term prospects resemble those of the California Condor.

George W. Bush GETS IT. He said "bring 'em on," because that's just exactly what we want. It's really hard for some people to grasp this point, but in any guerilla-type war, we want to be attacked. We are looking for a fight. Unless we get lucky we can't attack them because they are hiding. Being attacked is the next-best thing. And being attacked in a place where we have a hundred-thousand soldiers with blood in their eyes...well "pleeze, Br'er Bear, don't trow me in dat briar patch!"

And the Democrats DON'T GET IT! All those guys who are niggling about what Bush did or didn't say in the SOTU (like our friend Andrew, who is otherwise a fairly solid fellow) might as well be walking around with signs on their backs that read; Don't entrust National Security to me, because I'm CLUELESS!

And more than that, Bush is giving us a message of hope and optimism. We are no longer going to "adjust" ourselves to this problem, we are going to bear risks and endure pain to solve it. We can solve it. Is it only me that thinks it weird that no Democrat has anything positive to say on the subject? (Or any other subject that I've noticed lately)

And more important yet, it is a message of pure truth and honesty. Bullshit time is over, the Emperor has no clothes, and the road to peace is only going to be through war. Through WINNING the war, not just playing at it and then letting it fizzle-out in negotiations and compromises. That's the big truth right now, and all those Dems who are saying Bush lied are babbling desperately to avoid that big truth, that big elephant in their living-room. With sweating brows, cracking voices and mad bloodshot eyes they talk faster and faster..."Elephant? No elephant. Look, Bush lied I tell you. There's no elephant here! Lied! Lied! You gotta believe me! Ha ha, those blobs on the floor are just truths I mean pillows ha ha. Listen, he lied. Smell? No I don't smell anything. Lied! Ha ha ha, he lied..."


So geographers, in Afric maps,
With savage-pictures fill their gaps;
And o'er uninhabitable downs,
Place elephants for want of towns.

-- Swift

Posted by John Weidner at August 26, 2003 4:19 PM
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