August 7, 2003

Maybe we CAN learn from the past ...


From an article in the Boston globe...
BAGHDAD - The name is the same, and the bearing is strikingly similar to his famous grandfather. The words from the younger Ayatollah Khomeini's mouth, however, could hardly be more jolting, especially for those who remember Iran's explosive revolution, with its chants of ''Death to America.''
''America is the symbol of freedom,'' said Ayatollah Seyed Hassan Khomeini. ''The best example of freedom in our life now is America, especially its Constitution,'' he said, seated in the sprawling living room of his temporary Baghdad home, where he lives under armed protection...
...The younger Ayatollah's arrival on the scene is already causing a stir in the Shi'ite holy cities of Karbala and Najaf. The younger Khomeini is determined that Iraq does not relive his grandfather's revolution.
The main job of the 21st Century is to not repeat the mistakes of the 20th.

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